Our goal is to pursue projects that create awareness and have a measurable impact.

We not only draft ideas, produce and direct moving images, we also help you implementing and distributing your project on the most suitable and efficient channel to create return on investments and a high impact of brand exposure.

As we consist of international team members coming from different cultures, we have the advantage being able to look at things with a new perspective to be able to create new realities. 

Seeing the world from different angles is the first step of being able to surmount the realms of possibilities.

Everything is possible…


  • Film

    We produce and direct films ranging from shorts, features, documentaries and web-formats.

  • Music Video

    We produce and direct music videos for aspiring artist and bands to promote their music and drive their exposure through various channels.

  • Corporate: Branded entertainment & Video marketing

    We deliver branded entertainment campaigns ranging from high-end commercials, interviews and social media marketing to media strategy solutions and develop tailor-made solutions for your business. Our international perspective and expertise allows us delivering culturally relevant services and products that suit your specific customer segment.

  • Media Ventures

    In corporation with Schilling & Entrepreneurs we finance, co-finance and seed-fund innovative start-ups in the media business.

Interested having us around?

Whether if you are an upcoming artist/band looking for a creative production company who can develop, direct and produce your music video or a start-up or small business looking for video-marketing strategies and cross-media formats to enhance brand identity and create high impact return on investments.

We create tailor-made solutions for you and we are not afraid to embark upon new challenges. International, culturally-relevant and authentic.

If you are interested collaborating with us and want your ideas to be developed and put into practise – we are the right partner for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us for a first meet-up. We believe in close client relationships in order to create the best possible outcomes. Create value with us!

Our clients

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